by The Blue Sky Disaster

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Grab this bottle of bourbon
Rest my hand on my thigh
And open wide (open wide)

Fall down!
Place your hands over your heart
Let your knees touch the floor,
Bow your head at the altar
Whisper incantations; besotted sibilants spill out the lining of your mouth
Let your body feel the spirit, let it move with the wind
Become one with him, as your eyes roll back in your head

No redemption
The vision of fire licking at my feet
I saw the future, I saw the future!

I saw the future with a needle in my arm,
And a fire engulfing my surroundings.
I'm praying with my eyes closed shut
Swallowing fire, I'm burning up

All the doors locked shut, I've exhausted every option
The windows barred, I'm engulfed, burning up
How the flames burn bright, see them bouncing off the walls now
I shut my eyes, I'm engulfed, burning up

Boiling blood, searing flesh
I see it all, before my eyes

Push the needle through the skin
Apply the suitable dose
A little prick to take the edge off
Deep breaths to let it in

A hand touches, salvation leads me towards your voice
Come child, faster towards the light!


released June 2, 2017
The Blue Sky Disaster: Thomas Lineberry, Ian Buss, Jacob Hill, Matt Elgin, & Ben Kelly.
Tracking / Mixing / Mastering: Royal House Studios
Cover Art: TBSD

Special Thanks To:
All of our friends, loved ones, and family.



all rights reserved


The Blue Sky Disaster Richmond, Virginia

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